Be the light

listen to victims

I’ve been writing this story for months.

Writing it in my head, over and over.

Here’s the short version.

Please keep in mind.

This is my story.

My experience, not yours.

I was there.

You were not.

It was just an ordinary day, until it wasn’t.

A student walks into my office.

Her face is flat, devoid of emotion.

She is traumatized.

What is happening?

Slowly, she begins to speak.

I am listening, really listening.

Suddenly, I am traumatized.

Traumatized by her pain.

There are rules.

Rules about reporting sexual harassment.

I follow the rules.

I report what I have heard from the student.

I also report what I have experienced.

I am confident that the student will be protected.

That I will be protected.

I am wrong.

So very wrong.

And so it begins.

Almost immediately.

Whispers, disparaging remarks, shunning, hostility, untruths,

And on and on, and on.

A victim has now become the villain.

Please stop.

Stop shaming.

Stop villainizing.

Stop defaming.


Start believing.

Start supporting.

Start empowering.

I am confused.

I am angry.

I am sad.

I am tired.

And, I am not the person I used to be.



Pam Kuretich

be | the light

MHCC Events Coordinator

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