Parsons takes lead in ‘Can’t Take It With You’

In the upcoming MHCC spring play, there are manifold characters who exhibit unique personalities within the show, played by an acting cast working to fit these roles in the best way possible.

For Brett Parsons, this isn’t the first time playing a part in the production, “You Can’t Take It with You.” He also played the character of Ed Carmichael, a smaller part in the play, during his senior year at Gresham High School. But after auditioning for the same role this year, is instead playing one of the leading roles for the show, Tony Kirby.

“I didn’t really expect to be up for a leading role, but when I was a senior (at Gresham), I always liked the idea of being a leading role,” Parsons said.

This same play was the last one he had performed in, and there were a couple things that brought him back to audition for this production at MHCC.

One was the chance to work with a new director. Other Gresham alumni who are also in the play had good things to say about the director at Mount Hood, and Parsons says Theatre Artistic Director Mace Archer has been very friendly and encouraging. There was some nostalgia for the play itself, and finally, a chance to overcome the disappointment of not landing a leading role at Gresham, and taking another shot at proving himself as an actor.

Parsons said he had decided to drop acting before he realized he still had the desire.
“The sense of family and passion in the theater is very unique, and I wanted to get back into that sort of thing,” he said.

His leading character (Tony) is the son from a highly conservative family who takes an interest in Alice, a girl from a very liberal, quirky family.

Tony’s youthful nature allows him to relate more to Alice’s family than his own, and his biggest hope is that he can one day marry her.

Parsons said he thinks anyone interested in seeing the play, which opens in a week (Friday, May 12) will enjoy the performance.

“I hope you laugh, I hope you think we do a good job,” he said. “I’d appreciate it if you come out and see it, that’d be awesome.”

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