Registration for Fall and Summer term is now open to all students

Have you seen those huge posters all around campus talking about Summer and Fall term enrollment?

Well, there is a very good reason. Starting on April 20, priority enrollment has begun for Summer Term. Enrollment opens on different dates for different students, depending on how many credits the students will have under their belt at the start of the new term. Students with 75 or more MHCC credits became eligible to register on the 20th while registration for students who are new to MHCC or are transferring from another school opened on April 27.

As for Fall Term: Enrollment opened up in quick succession, with registration for students with 75-plus credits eligible to register on April 27 and new students eligible as of today – May 4.

As you prepare to register for a new term, you might be tempted to tackle the task yourself, but Graham Phillips, a general academic adviser at MHCC, would have it another way.

Phillips said, “Let your advisers advise you, because when your friends and family are doing it they are doing it from their perspective and a family member may have come through this process or a friend may have come through this process but it was different for them.

“Times are different, classes are different, requirements are different, and so a lot of that misinformation happens from peer to peer,” he said. If a student is looking for clear and accurate information, there is no better place to look than straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

Phillips said advisers can be especially valuable. “When students come in… we can kind of be their bumpers and they can go this way and explore something and come back this way and explore something, and as long as they don’t go outside of certain boundaries they are going to keep moving towards their ultimate goal and I think that that’s a large role that we play,” he said.

One important thing to know, is where you go for help depends on exactly what you are studying. Students classified as general studies majors, one of the largest groups on campus, should visit the advising office. Students who are undecided at the moment should visit the career planning and counseling center, and students with a specific major in mind should seek out help from their faculty advisers for that major. These points can be found along with other general advising information on the MHCC student portal under “Advising Resources.”

Another important piece to keep in mind ahead of a new term is the requirement for students to set up an education plan in order to remain eligible for MHCC’s tuition pledge, which locks in the current tuition rate for up to four years protecting students against tuition rate increases. To set up an education plan, set up an appointment with the appropriate adviser.

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