Motherhood, new life bring moments to cherish

Maegan Willhite.

Maegan Willhite.

At one moment in our lives, we’ve all first gone through nine months of waiting for our firstborn child.

Driving to and from appointments and seeing their first ultrasound. Packing up the things for, what are false alarms at first, then the real thing.

The best part is the first time counting the toes.

When the first year goes by things get better, a set schedule sets in. As your baby gets older, hold onto these precious memories. Take each day at a time with your baby. So very soon, they will be children. They grow like flowers.

There are good things about being a mother; however, realistically, motherhood isn’t all that fun. At some points in a mother’s life she will hear that she isn’t good, is not sufficient. Honestly, it’s okay for those people to have their opinions. They are just words.  As long you know as a human that you are a good mother, then you are.

Remember to take one day at a time, and keep those precious moments close to your heart. Every laugh is a moment to cherish, and some leave too soon.

For all of you mothers of a miscarriage or stillborn, you are still mothers. Your babies are your personal guardian angels.

Onto a lighter note, adoptive mothers are mothers, as well. They are bringing a child into their lives, from foster homes. Once you see your child grow into the person they are meant to become as a parent, you feel accomplished.

When it’s time to shop for schools, you want the best elementary school, ideally close to home. The first day of school comes and you want to hold onto them, a bit longer. They get onto the school bus and go to their first day of kindergarten.

When 13 years go by, first-day and bus good-byes will turn into an eyeroll here and a “Whatever” there. Soon, they will be off to college, and making something of themselves.

Now, to conclude with a good note: Just enjoy the “now” moments with friends, family and community. Take each moment and cherish it, as a mother cherishes her moment with her newborn. Life is too short to get angry at a family member; remember to just have fun with every little moment and cherish the good ones.

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