As a music lover, sometimes I need a bit of a break from my regular tunes to remember why I love them so much in the first place.

That being said, I don’t care much for silence, so I fill that void with podcasts. Unsurprisingly, I discovered all of the ones I listen to via creators in the entertainment industry. The nice thing about all of these podcasts is that every episode stands on its own, so you can jump in at any point without confusion.

“The 8123 Podcast”

Hosted by musicians Pat Kirch and Garrett Nickelsen of indie-rock band The Maine, this podcast provides a lot of variety in episode topics and lengths. They talk about music and life with friends and other musicians. Sometimes it’s just the two of them talking about the making of some of The Maine’s records, or about their values as a band, such as the episode “Why Would You Pay Money To Meet A Human Being?”.

My favorite episode so far is when they interviewed Johnny Minardi, who works at the major record label Fueled By Ramen. Hearing how he got his start in the music business was enthralling. Another great one is when they interview their touring photographer, Lupe Bustos, and we hear how he got his foot in the door in music, as well.

“The eduPUNX Podcast”

Host Craig Bidiman is an educator and public speaker in Boston (originally from Oregon), and on his podcast he interviews people who are often using music as a way to help educate people. Many folks talk about mental health, physical and intellectual disabilities, making the music scene a safer place, and current events and efforts happening around the political climate.

It’s all brought together through a common love and understanding of the power of music and how it brings us together. It’s an easy way to learn about important topics from people who are passionate about them or impacted by them, and also a great chance to be exposed to new music.

“Dear Hank & John”

This is a podcast in which YouTubers, authors, “Crash Course” creators, and brothers Hank and John Green answer advice questions submitted by listeners. These aren’t just any advice questions, though. Some are serious, but many are lighthearted looks into the strange things we do as a society, and usually go something like: “Can I throw away my dead grandmother’s sponges?” “At what point are you supposed to put water on a toothbrush?” or “How do I tell my dad about my secret pet snake?”

At the end of each episode, Hank talks about the latest news regarding the planet Mars, and John talks about the latest news from AFC Wimbledon, a third-tier English football (soccer) club.

John also has a new podcast called “The Anthropocene Reviewed,” where he reviews completely random aspects of life on Earth (like Canada geese and cholera) and rates them on a five-star scale.

In addition, Hank has a new podcast with his wife, Katherine, where they review Hank’s Twitter at the end of every week as a way to talk about their lives, current events, the way that social media impacts us, and how the way we use it can affect other people.

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