No home for Tony Romo?

Logan Hertner.

Logan Hertner.

If releasing the all-time franchise leader in passing yards and touchdowns for the Dallas Cowboys is considered a good idea… then I think Tom Brady should be traded from New England.

Now you are giving Tony Romo a chance to sign with a new team, and probably dominate, if he can stay healthy. Releasing Romo gives the league and NFL fans that sense of knowing the faith that Dallas owner Jerry Jones has in starting quarterback Dak Prescott, who replaced the veteran this season.

By sending off Romo, the Cowboys will save $14 million against the salary cap this year. That gives them more opportunities to improve their defense, which ranked 11th in the league last year.

The Cowboys are talking with veteran quarterback Josh McCown, who would replace Romo as the backup quarterback if he signs with the team. Which I don’t understand: Why you would get rid of your franchise-leading quarterback for another team to use and enjoy, then sign a guy like McCown who has done nothing to show that he is an elite or even a decent quarterback when given the starting role?

McCown has had the starting role on five different teams, and has started in eight seasons. None of which were impressive in any sort of way. It also doesn’t seem pleasing, with the fact he is 37 years old and isn’t getting any younger.

It makes absolutely no sense to me, when you could have Romo who actually has started and produced good numbers. It’s just unfortunate that this was for a Dallas team that couldn’t ever win a big game when it mattered. All I’m saying is that if Prescott gets injured and you have to look to your backup, I would much rather have Romo than McCown who I would have a hard time trusting, let’s say, in a playoff game. Or to win a game to get into the playoffs.

The other big question is, where is Romo going to end up? Who even wants an injury riddled quarterback who has suffered a broken right pinky finger, broken left collarbone (three times – once in 2010 and twice in 2015), as well as a ruptured disk in his back, which later got worse and turned into compressed fracture in his vertebra three seasons later.

Now with Romo healthy (for the moment) and available,  teams who have already shown interest in him are the Houston Texans and Denver Broncos. They’re two teams that have top-tier defenses and the supportive run game. I see the Broncos as a better fit, because of the weapons on the roster. Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders would give him two players at wide receiver who are more than capable of being a dangerous threat, while producing the numbers that Denver needs.

Yes, I understand the concern about the offensive line in Denver, but we are still in early March. I’m sure General Manager John Elway has plenty of little tricks up his sleeve this offseason to give Romo some security in the passing game.

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