Tuition rates at Mt. Hood Community College are increasing, starting Summer Term 2018.

On March 14, the MHCC District Board of Education voted to increase tuition by $7 per credit, and mandatory student fees by $0.50 per credit.

The board will honor the ongoing tuition pledge for currently enrolled students, but will discontinue the pledge for new, incoming students. The pledge allowed eligible students to pay the same tuition price they first received when starting at Mt. Hood despite any future tuition increases approved.

With the new prices, a full-time student taking 12 credits would pay an additional $84 for tuition and $6 in additional student fees per term. If the same number of credits were taken fall, winter and spring term, the student would pay $270 more per year than the current rates.

These rates were increased to cover Mt. Hood’s operating budget shortfalls if future student enrollment is lower than predicted.

Further budget cuts will be needed to balance the 2018-19 operating budget, but the tuition hike should help protect some student programs from being reduced or eliminated, according to Nathan Skarphol, MHCC’s ASG (Associated Student Government) vice president and director of finance.

Starting June 25, when summer classes start, MHCC’s tuition rates for in-state Oregon residents and for student activity and technology fees will be greater than at Portland and Clackamas community colleges (PCC and CCC). However, out-of-state tuition will remain lower than that at the two other schools.

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