Wakely Wolf’s Declaration of Candidacy

Wakely Wolf. Photo by Porcha Hesselgesser.

Declaration of Candidacy for the ASG Office of 2017-2018

“I, Wakely Wolf, am writing to inform you of my running of Associated Student Government President along with announcing my running mate, Kannezcia Sanamane, for Vice President. Although our decision to enter the race was last minute, we completed the task of collecting all 200 signatures required to be placed on the ballot in less than a day. We both are very excited to be able to have our voices, along with the voices of thousands of students, be heard. A little background about us would include:

I’m currently an undergraduate working to finish my Associate’s of Science degree. I belong to Phi Theta Kappa and TRIO. I was placed on the dean’s list my first term of college here, and hold good standing. My intended major is a bachelor’s in biochemistry. After completion of my bachelor’s I plan on applying to the research program at OGSY to study genetics. I aspire to one day work with a team of researchers trying to end the mass amounts of diseases in our world today.

My colleague, Kannezcia, is an also an undergraduate working for her bachelor’s in biochemistry as well. She is a very dedicated student like myself who would like to improve the student body. She has held a student government position in the past, and has volunteered over five years at the Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center. As a team we are ready to serve the students who belong to our great school.

There are several types of students here on campus; low-income students, first generation students, student parents and students with immigrant families. I can relate to all of these students because I am all of these things as well. It is important to realize everyone has different needs. I will strategize on obtaining better opportunities for all of our students. I hope to do this by working efficiently working with our local community and county. I have many proposals to help give students the tools they require to break the barriers of a higher education. To fuel these ideas it will take money. I plan on not only working with current sponsors, but to reach out to the community to build new sponsors and to show our need of funding. With increased funding we can work to provide more students jobs on campus, housing opportunities for our homeless students and increased funding for our clubs and organizations here on campus so they can better support our students with their education. My team has great resources and networking capabilities. This will ensure budget allocations, fiscal planning and other issues are handled with the utmost attention.

I know my team is both honored and dedicated to serving the student body. Voting for our ticket in this upcoming election will give us a chance to present our many ideas and plans that could not only benefit the students but also their families. Which in turn makes our local community stronger. As president I promise to advocate for and represent the students of MHCC to the best of my abilities.


Wakely Wolf”

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