Wolf Vs. Peterman: See both sides of the story

The Advocate Staff give you a look at our 2017 AGS Candidates:

” ‘I have been a senator now for the year, and I’ve learned a lot, and I’ve learned that there’s a lot of room for improvement,” he said. “Basically I think that I have the know(-how) about what it takes. I was Senator of Finance, so I’ve seen the numbers, I’ve seen the logistics, and I’ve seen what we are capable of.’ “

To read the complete article on PonyBoy Peterman’s candidacy, click here.

“Wolf said he’s running for ASG president because he feels like ‘there’s a voice that’s not being heard here on campus; there are a lot of different types of students, and I don’t believe that all of their needs are being met,’ he said.”

To read the complete article on Wakely Wolf’s candidacy, click here.

Also, view Peterman’s and Wolf’s official Declarations of Candidacy at their respective links.

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