PonyBoy Peterman’s Declaration of Candidacy

PonyBoy Peterman. Photo by Porcha Hesselgesser.

Declaration of Candidacy for the ASG Office of 2017-2018

“We, PonyBoy Peterman and Carey Mcintosh, hereby declare our candidacy for the 2017-2018 office of ASG President and Vice-president respectively, in the Associated Students of Mt. Hood Community College.

We believe that it is important to create strong incentives for students to remain on campus. Our vision for the upcoming school year is based around student success, and much of our efforts will be towards promoting resources already on campus that are built to accompany many different versions of success. It is common to see students at MHCC who work full-time jobs, have kids, and still work full time to complete their degree. Many times students also will enter the college straight from high school with no real plan for their future in academics beyond transferring to a university in two years.

We recognize the strong needs to accompany the many different kinds of students on campus, and their individual versions of success. We also recognize the need to provide many different kinds of resources. We want to retain our campus’ reputation for innovation and affordability, and approach student success as not only occupational success, but to also view it as a lifelong journey for mental, physical, cultural, and interpersonal competency.

Our primary goals are as follows:

  • Improve student retention and enable students to succeed by encouraging and promoting smart, academic practices and resources.
  • Promote student success services such as the Academic Advising and Transfer Center, Library and AVID/LSC tutoring, the Career Planning & Counseling Center, the Diversity Resource Center, and the many academic departments along the main building of the campus. This will give students access to individuals who will be able to help them better decide on their desired major, and be more successful as students.
  • Promote resources for students in need such as Title III grants, Barney’s Pantry access, individualized tutoring, Open Educational Resources, child care services, and acute services for students with learning disabilities. Money should not be a barrier to occupational success, and neither should any learning barriers.
  • Be advocates for the student’s needs, and work to survey the student body and identify where both the ASG and the campus as a whole can improve. We need to know what students are doing, and what they want, in order to know what they need.
  • Streamline students’ access to online services such as bill statements, library resources and book exchange program, class registration, and club and sports information. In a campus that is so diverse and decentralized, online resources are mandatory for students to stay connected with what is going on at the campus.”

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